Endurskinsmerki vottuð – Draugur FYP05009

Endurskinsmerki- vottuð draugur

Kemur í neon gulu og silfur

10cm kúlukeðja til að hengja

Stærð: 50mm (L) x 50mm (H)

Lágmarksmagn 200 stk

GostSoft Reflector (EN-13356 & EN-71 Passed)


Endurskinsmerki vottuð – Draugur FYP05009 Ghost Soft Reflector (EN-13356 & EN-71 Passed) Soft reflector in the shape of a ghost In addition to the practicability as a reflecting gadget, the ghost-shaped reflector can give you a lot of fun as a pendant. A 10cm ball chain is attached to the reflector so it is easy for you to carry it. Available in 2 colors, reflective neon yellow and reflective silver, and your logo can be done by screen printing.