Endurskinsmerki hjarta #FYP05008

Hjartalaga endurskinsmerki

Kemur í neon gulu og silfur

10cm kúlukeðja til að hengja

Stæðr: 50mm (L) x 50mm (H)

Heart Soft Reflector (EN-13356 & EN-71 Passed)


Endurskinsmerki hjarta #FYP05008 Heart Soft Reflector (EN-13356 & EN-71 Passed) Soft reflector in the shape of a heart Coming in 2 colors, reflective neon yellow and reflective silver, the soft reflector is not only convenient for you to carry around but also attractive in its design. Your logo is available by pad printing. With the 10cm ball chain as attachment, the reflector can also be used as a pendant. Material: 3M PVC Vinyl Product Size: 50mm (L) x 50mm (H)